Meet Our Best Sales People.. Our Customers

Meet Our Best Sales People.. Our Customers

Our customer Gil is selling our lawn pest services to his neighborsI like to interact with our customers. They are the reason Tony’s Pest Control Inc is a huge success in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers. Speaking with them, learning from them, correcting any mistakes, and refining our services for over 30 years would not be possible without them. To our customers I say “Thank You”.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Gil recently. Gil is very happy with our services, so happy, that he walked to all his neighbors to tell them they should switch their service to us while we were there servicing his property. Before we were done at his location he had sold our services to two neighbors.

Everyone wants a healthy green bug-free lawn. But some like Gil want a neighborhood of healthy green bug-free lawns.

Later, Gil posted a nice review on Yahoo. Thanks Gil!! See Gil’s review here.

At Tonys Pest Control Inc we may not have many sales people but we don’t need them, as our Happy customers are our best sales people. See our photo of Gil (in salmon colored shirt) sharing his experience’s with Tony’s Pest Control, with a neighbor.

Would you like a healthy green bug-free lawn? Maybe a healthy green bug-free lawns neighborhood? Contact Tony’s Pest Control today at 239-574-2847.