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Palm Rats in Southwest Florida

palm trees in southwest florida

Southwest Florida has seen a recent increase in palm rat activity in residents’ homes, yards, and even vehicles due to the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Read on to learn more about palm rat prevention and what to do if you find an infestation.

What Are Palm Rats?

Palm rats are rats that reside in palm trees outside of your home, as the name suggests. They are commonly found in tropical climates and mainly eat fruit, making Southwest Florida the perfect home for them. These tree rats are also called roof rats, which is where they often try to find entry into your home. Like all rodents, Florida palm rats are persistent in trying to get into your home for warmth and shelter. However, this can be a serious hazard, since they are disease carriers and damage your property by chewing on belongings and electrical wires.

Palm Rats and Hurricanes

Hurricanes displace rats and further increase the rate of rodents trying to find new homes. This, combined with the level of damage Southwest Florida homes have faced has created the perfect storm for rats looking to invade houses in the area. It’s much easier for rats to get inside damaged roofs and homes with newly made entry points.

Signs of Palm Rats

It’s always important to know the signs of palm tree rat activity in and around your home, especially now that the rate of infestations has increased. Call for a professional inspection if you’re noticing the following:

  • Visible droppings
  • Unusual sounds such as scratching or scurrying
  • Chewed-up pieces of fruit inside or outside
  • Gnaw marks on outdoor trees
  • Grease trails inside

Palm rats can cause expensive damage to your property, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re seeing any of the above signs or notice anything else abnormal, call Tony’s Pest Control. 

Preventing Palm Rat Infestations

There are a few things you can do to prevent these Florida rats from entering your home. On a regular basis, make sure you:

  • Keep food in closed containers, especially fruit!
  • Trim the trees in front of your house to prevent easy access from the tree to the roof.
  • Seal all potential entry points, especially on your roof.
  • Keep your screens in good condition and your sliding doors shut.

Call Tony’s for Professional Rodent Control

The damage from the hurricane can make it difficult to keep your home sealed, especially your roof. While it’s important to take these preventative measures to the best of your ability, you can also hire professional rodent control in Southwest Florida. Call Tony’s Pest Control today for a free quote and quality palm rat prevention

Protect Your Home From Palm Rats

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