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When to Water Your Lawn in Florida

watered lawn in Florida

Recommended Irrigation Schedule

It has been proven that lawn damage is caused more often by overwatering than by underwatering. Weeds and diseases are examples of problems caused by excessive watering. Based on the average program calculations, we recommend the following schedule for each zone. The operating times reflect the fact that spray-heads deliver more water than rotor sprinklers. This irrigation duration should allow for a deeper development of turf roots, greater soil moisture storage, and promote a more drought-tolerant turf. It is best to water your lawn during the morning hours before sunrise, approximately 4 a.m. to 8 a.m.

(Note: Observe local water restrictions and regulations. See further below for City of Cape Coral Watering Day Schedule).

  • Front:   Zone-(rotors)   :   30 to 40 minutes
  • Rear:   Zone-(rotors)   :   30 to 40 minutes
  • Side:    Zone-(mist)   :   20 to 30 minutes
  • Side:    Zone-(mist)   :   20 to 30 minutes

Based on the average lawn and soil type, I recommend the following schedule for the number of days for water application. The differences in the number of cycles needed per week reflect that less water is required during the winter months than in the summer months. 

Month = irrigation cycles per week

  • Jan = 1 
  • Feb = 1
  • Mar = 1
  • Apr = 2
  • May = 2
  • Jun = 2
  • Jul = 2
  • Aug = 2
  • Sep = 2
  • Oct = 1
  • Nov = 1
  • Dec = 1

Monitor Irrigation Cycles 

When there is significant rainfall (greater than a half of an inch) between irrigation schedules, do not use the sprinklers until the correct number of days have passed since the rainfall. This will require manual adjustments to automatic systems unless the system is equipped with rain shut off the device. Your St. Augustine lawn will signal a need for water by folding the grass blades together. When 30 to 40 percent of the lawn shows this symptom of wilt, it’s time to water. Research has shown irrigation “as needed” can save significant amounts of water and will not diminish the quality of the lawn. Roadside areas, however, may require more water than shaded areas due to the heat of the road and evaporation.

florida lawn watering schedule

Learn To Set You Irrigation Timer

The water needs of your lawn change with the seasons and with changes in the weather. Watering also needs to be adjusted as your lawn progresses from a desert into a healthy green lawn (see photo – guess whose been using Tony’s Pest Control?). There are many different timer models out there. Here we have selected two popular videos to help you set your system.

Have a different timer. Search your model on Google or even better, search on YouTube.

In the coming months, we will be replacing the videos below with our own to better help our customers.

St. Augustine Grass Turf Mowing Recommendations

Mow 3 to 4 inches high.

The higher a lawn is mowed, the deeper the roots system will grow. A deep extensive root system is able to reach moisture deeper in the soil and is more capable of withstanding damage from soilborne pests like nematodes and root diseases. A high cut also shades roots and discourages weeds.

Should You Recycle Grass Clippings? 

Pros: Lawn clippings can be left to recycle nutrients. A plastic bag full of grass clippings contains as much as 1/4 pound of organic nitrogen. Recycling clippings reduces the fertilizer needs of the lawn and also reduces solid waste loads to landfills.

Cons: Clippings may contain fungus and can cause the fungus to be active and spread throughout the lawn. Clippings also provide harborage and food for millipedes, grubs, and other subterranean insects. Some of these pests require special treatment other than your regular insecticide treatments.

Fertilization Tips

A minimum up of two fertilization a year, approximately March and September, may be all that is necessary to maintain your St. Augustine grass lawn. However, our fertilization program will provide constant nourishment year-round. Apply a complete fertilizer such as 10-10-10 or 16-4 -8. The last number on the fertilizer bag represents potassium which supports root growth and drought resistance. The potassium levels should never be less than half of the amount of nitrogen. Tony’s Pest Control can provide the service for you.

Important: Insects diminish the lawn's ability to absorb and conduct water if there was ever a question don’t hesitate to call for inspection Tony’s Pest Control can provide all your pest control needs. Get more information on our Lawn Pest Control Service.

Cape Coral Watering Day Schedule

For your convenience, we have included the following information on the City of Cape Coral day schedule.

All residents in Cape Coral are allowed to water two days each week regardless of the source for the irrigation water.  If you use the City’s dual-water system or a private well, you must follow the two-day watering schedule.  See the schedule below for your days and times.

The “address” is the last number of your “house” address.  For example, if your address is 1926 SW 15th Avenue, the “6” in 1926 is the guiding number.

Here is the two-day schedule that is in effect for all of Cape Coral:

Properties or developments up to and including five acres in size with irrigation systems that must irrigate multiple properties with different watering times will be allowed to water on Monday and Friday from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m.  This includes but is not limited to duplexes, multi-family units, compound use, and mixed-use units. Properties or developments more than five acres in size with irrigation systems that simultaneously irrigate multiple properties with different watering times shall be allowed to water on Monday and Friday from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m.  This includes but is not limited to multi-family, compound-use, and mixed-use units.

Other watering restrictions:

Watering of new lawns and landscaping during a 45 day establishment period shall be permitted on any day of the week from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

The following uses of irrigation water are permitted at any time: watering schedule Cape Coral pest control

  1. Required watering in of lawn chemicals.
  2. Pressure washing, car, truck, or trailer washing, boat washing, and flushing boat motors after saltwater use.
  3. Hand watering using low-volume irrigation methods.
  4. Water use for cleaning, adjusting, and repair of irrigation systems provided that an attendant is on-site and for not more than ten minutes per week for the entire irrigation system (if the irrigation system is not divided into areas or “zones”) or for not more than ten minutes per area or “zone” per week (if the irrigation system is divided into areas or “zones”).
  5. Irrigation integral to an ongoing business enterprise, such as a golf course (greens, tees, and fairways only), a nursery, or agricultural operations, is permitted to the extent necessary to reasonably meet the business’s minimum agronomic needs and for freeze or heat damage protection.

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