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40 Years of Comprehensive Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs can make a big impact on your landscape, taking your curb appeal to the next level. Unfortunately, they’re not always easy to take care of. At Tony's Pest Control, we have 40 years of treating your ornamentals for insects, disease, nutrition, and more. Our experts provide individualized treatments to ensure all your trees and shrubs get the exact care they need to thrive.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Cape Coral

While your trees and shrubs may grow alongside grass, they have substantially different needs. Ornamentals are more likely to experience issues such as whitefly infestations, scales, aphids, mealybug, various other insects, sooty mold, and other issues that are difficult to diagnose on your own. For the best tree services in Cape Coral, trust Tony’s Pest Control to tackle any problem.

Our ornamental services include:

  • Whitefly extermination
  • Palm tree service
  • Insect protection
  • Sooty mold removal
  • Nutrition treatments for all trees and shrubs
  • And more!

Our team can also handle any of the following excluded from our lawn care package:

  • Rugose spiralings
  • Sri Lanka weevils
  • Aphids
  • Scales
  • Mealybugs
  • And more!

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Protect Your Trees and Shrubs From Insects

shrubs in lawnDespite their small size, insects can cause large amounts of damage to your trees and shrubs. The most common infestations you’ll find are scale, aphids, whiteflies, and mealybugs. Each of these pests sucks the sap from trees and shrubs, causing the leaves to wilt and yellow, stunting growth, and eventually killing the plant. You can prevent this from happening with our bi-monthly systemic insecticide treatments for year-round protection from insects! These treatments are infused with the sap in the plant, lasting about two months to prevent piercing insects from damaging your trees and shrubs. To ensure your ornamentals are protected from insects long-term, we will be back every other month for treatment!

cared for palm tree

palm tree with disease

Palm Tree Protection

Florida’s climate is the perfect environment for palm trees to flourish. Palm trees can be a great addition to your home’s landscape, but it’s important to make sure they’re protected from insects and diseases. Taking care of your palm trees can be a challenging task, which is why Tony’s Pest Control is here to help. Our team of experts will service your palms semi-annually to help keep your trees healthy by protecting them from insects and diseases while fertilizing them to ensure they get the nutrients they need. Our methods get right to the root, preserving their health and beauty long-term. Keep your palm trees looking their best with our safe and effective palm tree service today!

Whitefly Extermination

The biggest threat to your palm trees is the whitefly. Whiteflies cause white spirals and a buildup of a waxy substance on the underside of the leaves. If there are enough whiteflies present, infested plants can become completely covered in that substance, weakening your plants. As these insects move around your plants, they leave behind a secretion, which is referred to as honeydew. This sticky substance traps mold spores and gives them the perfect conditions to reproduce. Before you know it, your entire plant is covered. 

Unlike our competitors, our whitefly extermination doesn’t require us to drill into your trees, which leaves behind unsightly holes and weakens the plant. Instead, we use deep root injections twice a year. This advanced method preserves the health and beauty of the tree and helps protect against palm weevils and whitefly. To help them bounce back, we’ll even fertilize your palm trees at no extra charge. Don’t trust your palm tree care to just anyone, keep your landscape looking its best with help from the professionals at Tony’s Pest Control!

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Customized Shrub Care in Cape Coral

Shrubs are visually pleasing additions to your landscaping, but they can also be difficult to maintain in the harsh Florida weather. We offer tailored treatments every two months to prevent and protect against general insect damage, sooty mold growth, and more. Our nutrition package will deliver the vital nutrients your plants need, right when they need them.

Sooty Mold Removal 

Sooty mold is a fungus that resembles ashes. It covers plant leaves in a layer of black, sticky, soot-colored material that seemingly pops up out of nowhere.honeydew mold from whiteflys on boat Honeydew and sooty mold can also accumulate on cars, boats, pool decks, and patio furniture, leaving you with a real mess. This mold is also an indication of a greater problem, as it’s caused by severe aphid, scale, whitefly, and other pest infestations. The only way to treat the mold is to treat the insects that cause honeydew, stopping the mold at its source. Once treatment is complete, the mold will dry up and be removed from the plant by falling off the leaves. This removal is imperative for the health of your ornamentals because sooty mold can prevent photosynthesis through the leaf surface, thus causing your plant to die. Don’t let this mold destroy your trees and shrubs. With our tree and shrub care, removal is included! We’ll have your ornamentals looking healthy and green again before you know it.

Areas We Service Around Cape Coral

Tony’s Pest Control has been servicing Southwest Florida for 40 years. We’re proud to offer our neighbors efficient and affordable tree and shrub care that keeps your property looking beautiful. Our services are available in:

Keep Your Ornamentals Looking Their Best Year-Round

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