Thank You For Saving My Palm Tree

Saving The World, One Palm Tree At A Time

Birthday GiftsOne of our customers reached out with good news and some photographs

Last year we were approached by a man wanting to know if we could do anything to save a Sago Palm Tree that he had given to his mom as a birthday gift a few years prior. Tony took action right away knowing that the tree had been a gift.

Up For The Challenge

The palm tree was in pretty bad shape. But the challenge was no match for Tony and his 35 years of experience. Tony understands the conditions that effect tree health including mineral deficiencies and diseases.

Luckily, there was no sign of Whitefly Infestation. Therefore the treatment was rather simple. A combination treatment was applied. The customer was informed that it takes time to see progress and to be patient. Palm trees take a while to recover.

An Uncertain Outcome

A few months later the customer called sounding disappointed to say her tree didn’t look any different and was asking for advice as to what to do. The customer was reminded that palm trees take time to recover and to continue to use patience. We attempted to reach out a few months later, but did not get a response until this week.

Sago Palm Tree Before Treatment

Prior To Treatment

Sago Palm Tree 6 Months After Treatment

Six Months After Treatment

A Customer Reaches Out

Customer Emails Thank You Regarding Beloved Palm Tree

Nothing I did seemed to make any difference

Thank you so much for your great job saving my palm tree. As you know, it was a birthday gift from my son and after a few years it started to look like it was dying. It might have been dying. Nothing I did seemed to make any difference and it continued to get worse. I’m very happy with your services and so glad my son contacted you. My palm tree is now healthy and growing again. It’s like getting it as a gift all over again. You seem like you really know what you are doing. Thanks for overlooking my complaining, it was just as you said. It just took a few months to get better. I’m going to ask my son to help me post one of those reviews on the internet.L.R.

Do You Have An Experience To Share?

Here at Tony’s Pest Control we always do our best to meet your needs. Do you have an experience you would like to share? We don’t know if you don’t tell us. Send us an email or a short message through our contact from. Thanks to L.R. for sharing with us and giving us permission to post her story on our website.

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