Limited Operations – Post Hurricane Irma

Temporary Limitations On Communication and Services

Post Hurricane Irma, A message from the owners & family – 9/14/17

Post Hurricane Irma OperationsWe at Tony’s Pest Control hope that you and your family are safe, and that you have most of what you need during this time of uncertainty.

Please note that our company is operating at about 80%. We have most all that we need to operate safely. We are doing all we can to service our current accounts first and on time, as there has been a high demand for services due to the weather. Not only have our homes been disrupted but so have the bugs homes. We do not have power at our office therefore no internet or phone service. We are operating from a remote location in Cape Coral where we have power and Internet but “No Phones”. We Thank You for your loyalty to our family business. Please be patient with us. Your service will only be performed if it can be done in a Safe and Effective manor.

The best way to reach us is by using our contact form found here on most pages of the website or by emailing us directly at


Tony, Marianne and Family

We Are Fully Staffed And Ready For Your Call

Bilingual staff – Gibberish for your added convenience

We Are Once Again Fully Operational – 9/15/17

Today, both internet and telephone services were restored at the Tony’s Pest Control, Inc headquarters here in Cape Coral.

Our hearts go out to those of you still without electricity. We pray for quick and successful work by our friends at LCEC as well as those restoring power, internet, and phone services throughout the state. While our services are pretty much back to normal, it is important to understand that any area with downed trees or power lines will experience a delay in receiving services. Safety for our staff members is top priority.

While some of you may be looking for or are in temporary housing due to hurricane damage please realize that pesty insects are also on the move as their habitats have been disrupted. Now more than ever consider protecting your home with Tony’s Pest Control. When the weather is rough we go inside, and bugs are inclined to do the same thing.

We are fully staffed and ready to take your call. Cape Coral is a diverse and yet united community. For those of you who speak limited English we are pleased to tell you our phone guy even speaks Gibberish.