Drought Alert – A Special Message To Our Customers

Drought Message For Our Customers

Posted 4/22/17

Tony’s Pest Control, Inc. is here to help you through this critical time of drought. As we continue to strive towards customer service, it is our obligation to inform our customers of the ongoing issues directly related to the current drought conditions.

Many of our past, current and future customers have been inquiring about all the brown patches throughout most of our lawns. It has been brought to our attention that even though your sprinklers are working properly during the daytime hours, when checked, many of our local municipalities have fluctuations in the available water pressure during the early morning hours, which is when current watering restrictions allow. This in turn, causes many lawns to develop large brown hot spots which closely resemble insect damage. Please be patient as over 90°• of the current calls we receive are irrigation related.

Being proactive, Tony’s Pest Control, Inc. has decided to try and minimize some of the visual and long term effects of the current drought situation. In doing so, we have decided to include, at no additional charge, a combination of products and nutrients that are designed to help minimize some of the drought stress diseases that may follow. This was implemented a few months ago, on all or our lawn accounts, and will continue until the regular rains start.

  • We recommend having your sprinkler system checked / serviced by a professional sprinkler company.
  • Please keep monitoring your local municipality websites for up to date watering schedules and restrictions.

Tony’s Pest Control can be reached at (239) 574-2847