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palm tree infested with whitefly pest

whitefliesPalm Tree Spiraling Whitefly whitefly-pest-palm-tree-damage

Whiteflies are small, winged insects that typically feed on the underside of leaves with their “needle-like” mouthparts. Whiteflies can seriously injure host plants by sucking juices from them causing wilting, yellowing, stunting, leaf drop, and in some plants even eventual death. Get Tony’s Whitefly Extermination and Prevention.

This whitefly has been reported on almost every type of palm tree in the state of Florida. While this whitefly may not cause death or severe dieback like the ficus whitefly it effects palm trees and plants in other ways. Its most noticeable symptom is its appearance of white spirals and a build up of a white, waxy substance on the underside of the leaves. If populations build up and infested plants can become covered with the white waxy substance. The palm tree can then become weakened and also be disfigured by the black sooty mold that grows on the insect’s excrement (referred to as honeydew).

property damage from whitefly honeydew and mold Black sooty mold and honeydew accumulation on a boat.

The sticky honeydew can accumulate on cars, boats, pool decks and patio furniture from infested trees overhead and become extremely messy. Once the insect is under control, the sooty mold and honeydew will eventually disappear. You can protect your palm trees with our safe and effective Whitefly Extermination.

Don’t trust your precious palm trees to just anyone.

Some of our competitors actually damage and weaken the tree by drilling holes in it. Not at Tony’s Pest Control. We use an advanced method that gets right to the root, preserving the health and beauty of the tree. We also fertilize the palm tree at no extra charge. Trust Tony’s Pest Control for whitefly extermination and prevention.

trunk damage resulting from improper treatment method palm treeDamage from treating Spiraling Whitefly infested palm trees the wrong way.


  • Treatments drilled into the trunk and the resulting holes and damage.

Palm Tree root injection method

Safe root injection method

The Right Way To Treat Your Precious Palms

  • We use a special root-injection method.


  • We also fertilize the palm at no additional charge.


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Ficus Whitefly alert!

Recently, a new pest was reported attacking ficus hedges and ficus trees in Lee County, Florida. The pest was identified as the Ficus Whitefly, singhiella simplex. The images below show a severe leaf drop from the Ficus Whitefly and a leaf infested with the insect.

ficus whitefly leafdrop tree and schrub pest control leaf infested with ficus whitefly pest  whitefly extermination tony's pest control

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