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Fort Myers, FL Pest ControlHere in Fort Myers, FL we have the perfect environment for bugs to thrive. We have warm winters and hot humid summers which is similar to the environment where the insects originated. Who wouldn’t love a home with beautiful palm trees and weather? Well, the bugs love Fort Myers too.

If you have bugs or wild animals vacationing in your home then contact Tony’s Pest Control today. We have been ridding Fort Myers of pest for over 30 years with safe, effective, and reliable methods. We are the best pest control service in the area and have received several awards, most recently the 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Award. But what is most important is the awards we receive from our customers. Take a look at our Reviews¬†and you will see just a tiny sample of our success in taking care of your pest problems.

Take a look around our website using the navigation above. Below are a few links to the services most requested. If you have a problem with bugs and want to get help call us at 239-574-2847 or use the convenient contact form for a FREE QUOTE and we will show you why we are the best pest control service in Fort Myers.

Set up a picnic with the family and have lunch in the backyard. But call us first to get rid of the red ants.

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