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Your front yard is your pride and joy. 
Nothing is worse than when your hours of mowing and trimming are ruined by unwanted lawn pests. You need professional assistance to chase away those creatures taking over your lawn.

Rid your yard of bothersome bugs and insects.
It’s important to make sure that your yard is free of pests so that they don’t make their way into your home of business. When you utilize Tony’s Lawn Pest Control, our certified technicians use safe techniques to rid your lawn of all insects.

To provide you a beautiful green lawn we use a Three Tier Approach.

Lawn Insecticide Application
Lawn Fertilizer Service From Tony's Pest Control
Weed Control From Tony's Pest Control


Please see our watering schedule for lawn watering tips and instructions.

Controlling pest problems

Regular preventive applications of insecticides are necessary to aid in control of insects. Chinch Bugs, Grub Worms and Sod Webworms are the most destructive to all varieties of St Augustine grasses (Floratam, Pursley, Seville, etc.) where Mole Crickets are most destructive to all varieties a Bahia grasses (Argentine, Pensacola, etc.)

Lawn Damage From Chinch BugsChinch bugs

Signs to look for:

Browning to rust color areas of turf in large patches.

Grub wormsLawn Damage From Grub Worms

Signs to look for:

Mosaic pattern of turf, with two hands sod can be lifted as if there were no roots attached to soil.

Lawn Damage From Sod WebwormsSod webworms

Signs to look for:

Partly chewed grass blades and the presence of (fecal pellets) webs are easily visible early in the morning when the grass is covered with dew.

Lawn Damage From Mole CricketsMole crickets

Signs to look for:

Soft areas of turf, tunnel like burrows and up rooted grass.

Insects diminish the lawns ability to absorb and conduct water. If there was ever a question don’t hesitate to call for an inspection. Tony’s Pest Control can provide all your pest control needs.

Your lawn should be safe and healthy:
Our lawn pest control can make your home a healthier place.  Plenty of pests are not just scary or annoying but can actually be detrimental to your family’s health, as well as your pets.  These pests could cause an allergic reaction from a bite or sting. They can also sicken and kill your turf or plants.

  • Chinch bug removal
  • Mole cricket removal
  • Grub worm removal
  • Ant removal
  • Fire ant removal
  • Sod web worm removal
  • Flea removal
  • Spider removal
 Protect your garden from harm. 
You have probably spent hours of your life perfecting your garden. Don’t let unwanted pests destroy all of your hard work – call Tony’s Pest Control today to protect your garden.

We give your plants the nutrition they need.
Just like people, plants need strength to fight off infections. Our certified technicians know exactly what to treat your plants and trees with to make sure that they are not harmed by pests or diseases.

Complete yard protection you can count on:lawn pest control truck

  • Plant protection
  • Flower protection
  • Palm tree protection
  • Tree protection

Are Whiteflies attacking your beautiful palm trees?

Call Tony’s Pest Control Inc. today at 239-574-2847 for our lawn pest control. Protect your lawn from unwanted pests – we offer FREE estimates and all services are guaranteed.

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