Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming back a long time customer. We regularly lose customers when they move to a new area. It’s always sad to see them go because we have developed relationships from years and years of service.

However, in this report, this customer is returning after leaving to use another service. Read Judy’s story.

Some background…

Welcome back to Judy and William from Tony's Pest ControlJudy and her husband William first started using Tony’s Pest Control 14 years ago in their first home. They receive our lawn care and indoor/perimeter services. When they moved in 2004 they had Tony’s Pest Control service their new home.

Two years ago another company that was handling their termite prevention made what appeared to be a good offer and the idea of having only one bill from one company was appealing. So they discontinued services with Tony’s and parted on friendly terms.

Judy agreed to be interviewed for this article to share her experience.

Judy’s experience with another service

In the 20 months we had them they were nothing but trouble. We started getting bugs in our house and in our lawn. The worst intruders were the White Footed Ants coming from the trees onto the house. There was no customer service. If you called to communicate with someone, it never got to anyone, and when you called back to follow up with them they would have no record of the call. We would find out later the person we had spoke with didn’t work there anymore.

The service wasn’t done properly. Whatever they were spraying was inadequate. When we had Tony’s we never had bugs in our home.

This other company would call and set a time, and then not show up. Or not call at all and then just show up unexpectedly. Very frustrating.

The last straw was when we had our driveway painted. It was beautiful, that is until a guy came over to fertilize and spray for bugs and completely stained the whole driveway. They agreed to fix it but never did. All they did was send a manager over and he tried to wash it off with some detergent and just made it worse.

It was a mistake to leave Tony’s Pest Control. They were always good to us and everyone we ever dealt with was great. You know, previously we had even referred a new neighbor to Tony’s. They were very happy with the services they told us. Later, they asked us why we switched. I couldn’t really answer other than to say it was a mistake. It was time to go back to Tony.

Judy returns to Tony’s Pest Control

Recently, we came back to Tony’s Pest Control. We spoke with Tony himself. We told him all about the horrible experience we had with the other company. Tony was great and his staff was great. If you ever have a question or concern they are right there to answer and make a good experience. They were not upset we left, but happy to have us back.

Returning Customers PropertySo they are back doing our lawn and our home and after only two weeks the bugs were already gone. No more White Footed Ants.

It’s good to know that if there was ever a problem Tony would take care of it. That is not the case with some of these regional or national services.

We would like to recommend Tony’s Pest Control to anyone looking for pest control services in Lee County.

I participated in this article in appreciation for years of great service from Tony’s Pest Control.

~Judy G.

Our Invitation To You

There you have it. Everyone makes mistakes. Hey, we agree some of these marketing strategies we see from those other companies can be pretty interesting or enticing.

If you made a mistake for whatever reason and selected the wrong pest control service, or if you want a nice green lawn and a bug free home, contact us! Let our 30+ years of experience, helpful customer service, and professional technicians solve the problem for you. We would love to welcome you back. Call 239-574-2847 today.