Tony Receives An Award

Tony has been awarded his own parking spot. He is FINALLY feeling special.

Tony looks pumped up about his parking space. We caught up with Tony for a short interview.

We are here at Tony’s Pest Control in beautiful Cape Coral, FL to talk with Tony Salerno. Tony received his very own official parking space.¬†Tony how did you find out?Tony receives an award

Tony: “It was posted on the bulletin board inside. I couldn’t believe it”

What was it that you believe caused the award?

Tony: “Well besides being THE BUG BOSS, I have been committed to providing the best pest control service in southwest Florida for over 30 years.”

What will you do with your official parking spot?

Tony: “Park in it.”

No napping during work hours, right Tony? So have you received any other awards over the years?

Tony: “Very funny. Yes, we have repeatedly been listed on The Best Of Cape Coral and received the Angie’s List Super Services Award several years in a row now. Our main reward is the relationships we have made with our customers over the years and the good things they have to say about Tony’s Pest Control.”

Do you have your eyes on any other awards?

Tony: “Well, hmmm… I would love to be employee of the month someday. Can the owner ever be employee of the month?”

Not sure Tony. Hey look there is Marianne. Lets ask her what she has to say about your specially designated parking spot.

Hi Marianne, Tony just received a special award, his very own parking spot. Give us your thoughts.

Marianne: “Um, you guys made a mistake…That is MY PARKING SPOT. It is for the BOSS.”

Well it appears Tony didn’t actually get his own parking spot after all. It is Marianne’s parking space. Maybe next time Tony.

If unwanted insects have put a parking space on your property call Tony’s Pest Control at 239-574-2847. We will eliminate the problem and we have been doing it successfully for over 30 years.