Man Develops Ability To Smell Bed Bugs, Becomes Pest Control Success

Man Develops Ability To Smell Bed Bugs, Becomes Pest Control Success

Recently, a new controversial method of detecting bed bugs has emerged. The use of dogs with their amazing smell and ability to detect hidden drugs and even cancer cells had some scratching their head (hopefully not from bed bugs) with an amazing idea. Why not see if dogs can be trained to find bed bugs? And that is exactly what some are trying to find out.

Could You Have Bedbugs?Expert in bed bug detection Tony of Tony’s Pest Control wasn’t about to let a dog beat him. Tony decided it was time to prove that a human could also smell for bedbugs. The results of his efforts has been nothing short of a breakthrough. Tony has demonstrated a 49% success rate in determining the presence of bed bugs by scent alone. That means that almost half the time Tony can accurately determine the presence of bedbugs through scent alone.

Q & A with Tony

Smell Bedbugs?

Tony smells bedbugs?

Q. Were you surprised to see dogs being used to sniff out bed bugs?

A. Not at all. Dogs are amazing animals with an amazing sense of smell. I am a pet lover myself and was really interested in the development. I thought I would try to do it as well, since I have developed a strong ability to detect bats, bees, and pest through the presence of their unique scents over 30+ years of practice.

Q. Is it hard to smell bed bugs?

A. Bed bugs have a unique scent. It really has a lot to do with how many bed bugs are present and how long.

Q. Is there anything that tends to interfere with you ability to accurately predict bed bugs at a location?

A. A dog is able to differentiate between multiple scents at once, however, I am not quite as good yet. Too many scents at once and I get thrown off.

Q. Is there a particular scent or smell that reduces you accuracy?

A. Food, pretty much any food. Especially when I am hungry. Oh, and women’s perfume. Wait, don’t print that.

Q. Tony, what are your goals with this bed bug smelling approach?

A. I’m working towards a 51% success rate, up from 49%. That way I can say I am right more that half the time.

Q. So what do you do if you can’t smell them or are uncertain?

A. Actually, I just tried this for fun and to challenge myself. Anyone that relies on scent alone, either human or on  a K9 is a moron. I have been serving our community for nearly 35 years and have learned the signs to look for and the places to look as well. If there are bed bugs present, I have the experience and skills to find them. Additionally, we at Tony’s Pest Control know how to successfully treat and eradicate bed bugs when our instructions are closely followed.

Q. What should someone do if they suspect they may have a bedbug problem?

A. Call Tony’s Pest Control at 239-574-2847 and set an appointment for a professional inspection. You are welcome to use our contact form found on our homepage and most pages of our website.

For more information on bed bugs check out this informative video.

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