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Fort Myers Bee Removal Exclusive Report

Looking for someone to remove bees from your residence in Fort Myers? Read this article first before proceeding.

80,000 Bees Removed From Fort Myers Apartment By Tonys Pest ControlRecently, Tony’s Pest Control was contacted to remove a bee hive in a Fort Myers apartment complex. Unfortunately, Tony was not the first one contacted. The apartment management hired a beekeeper to remove the bees and that didn’t work out so well. After removing some bees and placing them in jars the beekeeper left. He was not able to remove all the bees.

Residents complained that the beekeeper just took some bottles of bees for his own benefit. His actions caused the bees to go on the defensive, backing up into the house. The bees, while on high alert stung a four year old child multiple times.

After a bad experience with the first company, management started looking for a professional to remove the bees and selected Tony’s Pest Control.

The bees were such a problem that WINK News was there and witnessed the 2 overrun apartments at Village Creek on Winkler Ave. Luckily Tony has the skill and experience to handle any size bee job.

For Fort Myers Bee Removal Services trust the experience of Tony’s Pest Control.

Check out the WINK NEWS reports. Bee Video 1 and Bee Video 2. (Note: We’ve had reports that some mobile browser are having difficulty properly displaying the video. This unfortunately is out of our control.)

Tony and his team were there right away. It was determined that the hive was in the ceiling and when its was all said and done over 80,000 bees and 100 lbs of honey were removed from the ceiling. To prevent the bees from returning a special powder was placed into the ceiling. If only they had contacted Tony’s Pest Control first.

Bee Removal in Fort Myers, FLHere are some important points to note:

Point #1Not all bee removal professionals are created equal. Why couldn’t the other guy remove all the bees? Because you need a pest control professional trained for bee removal, not a beekeeper when needing bees removed from your home or property. See below:

The State of Florida recommendation established by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service’s (FDACS) Apiary Section is that all feral colonies or swarms should be considered “Africanized” that are located in close proximity to people or animals should be eradicated by a pest control operator (PCO) trained in honey bee colony eradication and removal. Further, FDACS recommends that swarm and colonies are not removed by beekeepers but only by Pest Control Operators trained to do so.

Point #2Save time and money by contacting Tony’s Pest Control first. Tony’s Pest Control has been removing bees safely and effectively for over 30 years in Fort Myers and Cape Coral. When dealing with bees it is important to have the job done right the first time. If not you could just anger the bees and cause more problems. For more information on our bee removal services visit our web page Bee Removal Services.

Before the news gets involved contact Tony’s Pest Control for Bee Removal in Fort Myers and Cape Coral. We can bee reached at 239-574-2847.

For Bee Removal In Fort Myers…Bee Safe! Don’t get stung! Get Tony!